Childcare Program

Program Overview

Our teaching philosophy at HTCCC is based on fundamental principles of child development that are rooted in Maria Montessori theory. We believe in teaching to the whole child and therefore focus on seven domains of spiritual development, social development, emotional development, cognitive development, motor development, academic readiness and approaches to learning.

Hours of operation: 7:00am-6:00pm


Toddler Program

WeHTCCC Pics 3 accept children from 18 months through 30 months old into our toddler program, with two teachers in each toddler group. The curriculum for our toddlers consist of: the use of sign language, Spanish immersion, reading stories, singing alphabet songs, using writing tools to make purposeful marks and scribbles, sorting and matching games, counting during activities, experiment with volume using sand, water, rice and sensory activities, and formulating “why, how and when?” questions during daily interactions. Also, we offer potty-training to our toddlers when they are developmentally ready.


Preschool Program

HTCCC Pics 5

We accept children from 2.7 to 5 years old into our preschool program. The curriculum for preschoolers include: Sign language, Spanish immersion, cooking, gardening, music and movement, and concepts in math, engineering, science, art, language and literacy, and ecology. As well as learning how to take turns, work collaboratively, and problem solve.



Tuition Includes
• Family Night
• Parent Workshops
• Food Program
• Spanish Immersion
• Tiny Chef’s Cooking Class
• Art Studio
• Monthly visits from “Bloomersisland”


Please call to schedule a tour of our wonderful program (323) 757-4850 or email our Director,

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