The Living Cross

Located on the busy Crenshaw Boulevard in Inglewood, Holy Trinity has been a pillar for the community by providing much needed resources, healing, and guidance. Holy Trinity’s Pastor and Lay Leadership focus a great deal of attention on education and developing leaders in the church and the community.

Our ministry focuses on four core areas:








Feel free to browse our site to learn more about our ministry and the way do God’s work in the community and lives we serve.  All of our service opportunities are open to members as well as our visiting guests.  We invite any and all to join us partners in Christ to spread the word of the Lord!


We hope you enjoy this poem written by one of our long-standing church members, Linda Cohen, which summarizes the work we have done over the past 70 years.


T H I S   I S   O U R   S T O R Y

A 70th Anniversary Poem

Written By:  Linda M. Cohen

March 24, 2012

During the time of World War II,

Some saints got peaceful orders,

To start a brand-new Lutheran Church,

Where Inglewood has it borders.

Inside a local theatre,

The first saints found a place,

To hold their Sunday services;

And they sang “Amazing Grace.”

Official recognition came,

In 1941.

The fame of Holy Trinity,

Had only just begun.

After a while, more saints did join,

The tiny congregation.

They checked around to try to find,

A more adequate location.

On Arbor Vitae and Crenshaw,

They found the perfect spot,

Where they could build a lovely church,

And a little parking lot.

As years went by, more people came,

To join in on the fun.

There were two Sunday services,

To accommodate everyone.

The “60’s” and the “70’s,”

Were years of great transition.

Times had changed, and it was clear–

We needed a new mission

Good ministers; musicians, too—

All left us, one by one;

But some of us had too much faith,

To say our church was done.

Even our music became slow.

There was no vitality.

“That’s the way the Lutherans like it!”

The sad organist said to me.

Young people stopped attending church;

Then families moved away.

What kind of action should we take?

We could not just sit and pray!

We went out in the neighborhood.

For new members, we did a search.

How blessed we were, that the ones we found,

Are still active in our church!

We leaned on “Everlasting Arms.”

On our problems, we did not dwell.

Then came the “Blessed Assurance”:

Our pastor would be James Lobdell!

The church was at a crossroads.

It was 1979.

With the help of our new shepherd,

We felt the flock would be just fine.

We gained new members in our church.

This was good news for me and you.

They took on roles of leadership.

They did more than fill a pew.

Now we have a thriving church,

With so many things to do.

Just check the monthly calendar,

For the groups that interest you:

Bible study, tutoring,

Multi-media, choir, and dance;

Exercise class to keep your shape;

Can you give Hip Hop a chance?

We have saints who feed the hungry,

And a Prayer Network on call.

They’ll keep on saying prayers for you,

Until nothing is wrong at all.

Our Child Care Center is the best.

Have you seen the waiting list?

It has a great curriculum,

That fine Christians can’t resist!

Confirmation and our mentoring groups,

Guide our children as they grow.

They are taught to show respect,

To everyone they know.

Our Sunday morning services,

Are a time of celebration.

If you have never been to one,

You will have a revelation.

The ushers greet and seat us;

Then we feel the peace that’s passed.

We hope and pray that through the week,

The peace of the Lord will last.

As the choir brings forth a song,

And our Donnie starts to play,

Our problems are forgotten,

While we all just clap and sway.

Our pastor’s powerful sermons,

Convey the Word of the Lord.

His dramatic interpretations,

Keep us from getting bored.

Sometimes he starts to rap his words;

So put away your MP3!

There is better entertainment here,

At Station HTLC!

He tells us how he met Vickie,

His wife and precious pearl.

The story makes him start to sing,

An “Oldies” hit, “My Girl.”

He applies the Holy Gospel,

To situations of today.

In our daily lives, this helps us,

To know what to do and say.

My friends from work were quite impressed,

With the funeral my mom had;

So they brought total strangers,

To the funeral for my dad.

Lutheran and Black Heritage,

Are both incorporated.

Whatever the occasion,

Our time is celebrated!

Now our style is admired by all—

From L.A. to Minnesota.

We are even talked about,

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

“For all the saints,

Who from their labors rest”—

We carry on their legacy.

We do our very best.

“This is our story,

This is our song,

Praising our Savior,

All the day long.”

Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church:

For 70 years, you’ve done God’s work,

To strengthen and inspire.

FOREVER, may hearts feel the glow.

From all your “Saints on Fire!